Remote Consultation
Sofie – Age 8 months

Our little one was struggling to sleep through the night for months, and it just wasn’t healthy for her or for us. Endless nights of broken sleep and I decided to reach out to Joan. And I’m so glad we did. It took a couple of weeks for our girl to adjust to her new schedule but getting her on a consistent schedule and helping her to learn to fall asleep has been a game changer. I will admit it’s not easy (hearing baby cry just isn’t fun) but it was so worth it. Now our little one is consistently napping twice a day and sleeping for 12 hours every night. Sure we still have the occasional wake up but all around we are all getting much better sleep and are thriving from it. Thank you to Joan for your help with Sofie.

Marina del Rey, CA

In-home consultation
Max – Age 15 months

We are very grateful and so happy with Joan at Pea Pod Sleep Consultants. Her help was truly life changing. As the parents of three children (7,  5 and 15 months), we didn’t think we needed help. However, we were wrong. Our son was a terrible sleeper. We tried various techniques with no success. Our frustrations were high and we were all exhausted. Finally, I contacted Joan on a Tuesday and by Thursday, we had a plan in place and started right away. It was a life changer and saver for us. Our son is sleeping as a baby should! We put him to bed at 6:30 p.m. and he sleeps till 6:00 a.m. He is happy and has lots of energy. And, we finally get to sleep through the night so we have more patience, energy and we’ve got our evenings back. Our only regret was waiting too long to reach out to Joan.

-Kate and Ben
Whitefish Bay

In-home Sleep Consultation
Olivia & Charlie – Ages 9 months

We had an extremely positive experience working with Joan. I felt a huge sense of relief from our first point of contact and all the way through the sleep training process.

Having 9-month old twins who share a room, I didn’t know how I could manage to sleep train them. (I also have a two-year-old who needed my attention). Joan helped us achieve a realistic plan for our family. Within a couple days, the twins were sleeping better at night. Within a week, naps were even going better. Before the two weeks were out, the twins were sleeping through the night with very minimal crying and taking two good naps each day. We now enjoy the sleep-time routines, and everyone in our house is sleeping great!

Joan was tremendously helpful throughout the entire process. She laid out clear and easy-to-follow steps and was supportive through every step of the implementation. She was excellent at answering my many questions and provided us detailed and prompt responses each day. Joan has tremendous expertise and provided us with great information and kind reassurance when we needed it. We can’t thank her enough for her services and the positive results!


In-home Sleep Consultation
Carter – Age 13 months

We enlisted Joan’s help when our son was about 13 months old. From the time we contacted her, she was able to make a home visit a couple days later. She met our son, listened to the struggles we were having, and checked out our son’s sleeping environment.

We were reassured by Joan that we were doing some things right, but she helped us tweak the things we were struggling with yet. We had a clear understanding of what we needed to change and started the night she left. She gave us a customized plan that we were comfortable following through with and that fit our son’s needs. We noticed not only improvement in our son’s sleep, but also improvement in his temperament within the week.  Our only regret is that we should have enlisted Joan’s help much sooner.

-Lindsey & Matt
West Bend

In-home Sleep Consultation
​Roland​ –
Age 2

We first called Pea​ P​od Sleep ​Consultant​s because our almost two-year-old had never learned to sleep through the night or to fall asleep without being held close. With a new baby coming and after our son’s behaviors starting to hint at tiredness during the day, we needed to rely on professional advice.

I felt no judgement from Joan throughout the preparation or implementation process. She gave us options to choose a sleep plan that made us most comfortable, and we implemented it at a time that worked for us. This flexibility was important to me as a full-time working mom, who often works evenings and weekends on top of a full work week.

Joan gave us direction we expected (like our son needing a consistent bedtime routine and earlier bedtime), as well as some unexpected tips, like switching his bedroom, moving him BACK into a crib, and curbing climbing with a sleep sack.

After making all the changes, I could not believe how quickly our son adjusted to going to sleep alone and sleeping through the night!

Given our early-morning rise weekday schedule, our son needed to go to sleep MUCH earlier, and with the right bedtime routine, he now consistently falls asleep 1-2 hours earlier than he had been. This gives us time together as a couple that we had not enjoyed since before our so​n​ was born. A bonus we never expected! Except when sick, our son never wakes us during the night anymore either. Since implementing the sleep plan, ​our​
son is noticeably happier and more patient during the day, and we have more energy, too.

-​Darcie and Matt
Whitefish Bay​

In-home Sleep Consultation
Mia – Age 15 months

Joan was absolutely wonderful! Our 15-month-old had never slept through the night and was waking up multiple times, sometimes for hours on end. She also woke up very early (4am) and her naps were inconsistent. My husband and I were both exhausted and knew we needed outside guidance.

Joan was very responsive when I emailed her one morning after being utterly exhausted. She came to our house and spent time listening to our issues and then coming up with a plan that we were comfortable with. Joan checked in with us every day and answered question after question.

By the first week we already noticed improvements in our daughter’s sleep. By the second week she made even bigger improvements. Our daughter is now sleeping through the night and is gradually waking up later in the morning. Her naps have become much more consistent too. Thanks to Joan, we now have the tools and confidence to continue to instill healthy sleep habits in our daughter. We are also more confident we can navigate sleep issues in the future with the great foundation we have and not slip back into old habits.

Leslie and Nick

Remote Sleep Consultation
Ryder – Age 4 months

We felt so fortunate to have a healthy, big baby boy. He had colic his first 14 weeks. That was challenging. When our son learned to roll over at about 14 weeks, he had a major sleep regression and was getting up every two hours at night. We kept thinking it would get better but we think he got used to mom coming in every time he cried and feeding him. Two and half weeks later, we were exhausted and desperate for sleep. Ryder was also not getting enough sleep during the night and would only sleep when being held for naps. He hated his crib and only liked sleeping in his rock ‘n play. We were desperate for help!

We contacted Joan. She was a huge help for us. We knew, given how fussy Ryder was that we wanted to use the “cry it out” method. However, we did not know how we were going to do it. My husband and I were completely on the same page but just didn’t know how to execute it. This is where Joan came in. She met with us remotely, provided a detailed plan and gave us the reassurance and confidence we needed to move forward with our plan. It is hard enough hearing your child cry, but when you’re unsure if you are doing things the right way, it is brutal. Joan was thorough, patient, supportive and encouraging. A couple days into sleep training, Ryder was a different baby. We would highly recommend Joan and her services!

-Holly & Mike,

In-home Sleep Consultation
Claire – Age 20 months

Our experience with Joan was wonderful. It started when our 20-month-old daughter was in a bad place with her sleep. She had climbed out of her crib the day we brought our new baby home from the hospital, so we switched her to the toddler bed thinking that’s what we were supposed to do. We all had gotten no sleep for about 3 months, she had frequent wakings and was waking up extremely early while also taking over an hour to put to sleep. Additionally, we were having behavior issues due to lack of sleep.

Joan came to our home and was so kind in discussing solutions that would work for us. She came up with a custom sleep plan, and within two days Claire was sleeping much better. Within the the week she was sleeping through the night and putting herself back to sleep if she woke up! Joan was so attentive and helpful throughout the process of implementing the sleep plan. We are all so much happier and healthier for it! Our daughter now sleeps 11-12 hours a night consistently with one 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon! I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her behavior. We are grateful for everything Joan has done for our family and I would highly recommend her!

Oak Creek

In-person Sleep Consultation
Harper – Age 4
Hudson – Age 2 years, 10 months

From start to finish Joan was outstanding. She helped us gain control at bedtime and follow through with a sleep plan that was perfect for our family dynamic. It worked out great and now we don’t dread bedtime anymore. We also feel more rejuvenated and like better parents! Our son was having horrible behavior and we now see a night and day difference in him. She showed us support and encouragement through this process and we will forever be grateful!

-Amanda and Brett,

Business and Community Support

Pea Pod Sleep Consultants is such a vital business in our community.

Community Preschool of Whitefish Bay

In-home Sleep Consultation
Macy – Age 19 months

Joan was great to work with throughout this experience. She provided a thorough, easy to follow plan that was tailored to our child’s needs. She was also very prompt to answer any questions we had and gave lots of support and encouragement along the way. I would highly recommend Joan to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep issues.


Remote Sleep Consultation
Hannah – Age 15 months

Joan is a wealth of knowledge about sleep! She helps develop a very clear, concrete plan that’s easy to implement to improve sleep while still taking parents’ wishes into account. With her plan, our 15 month old daughter, who was waking 4-5 times each night, was sleeping through the night within a week! She also presented at our local MOM’s group and was very well received – so many helpful tips to improve sleep with little ones! Thanks, Joan!

V.P. Mom’s Club of Menomonee Falls/Sussex

In-home Sleep Consultation
Jake – Age 5 months

With my first child sleep came easy. She slept through the night by two months and she just seemed to put herself to sleep with no issue. Jake was a completely different story. He was your typical newborn but around 6 weeks he became colicky. We would spend 3 hours a night holding him up right in front of the t.v. because that was the only thing that would calm him. When we jumped that hurdle, Jake was diagnosed with an ear infection and reflux at his 4 month visit. It was at this time Jake was sleeping less 3 hours at time and did not nap. It progressively got worse and we did two things I thought I would never do, let Jake sleep in a swing or hold him while he slept. We started some really bad sleep habits and while Jake was now sleeping at night, we were not.

We received a letter from Joan given to us by our daycare about receiving help for sleeping issues in children. It was a little blessing. When I contacted Joan and expressed my concerns she was open and listened without judgement. She met us at our home and we talked about what our goals were. My biggest goal was to get Jake out of his swing or our arms and into his crib. She explained the types of training methods. Again, I did something I thought I would never do, the cry it out method. She explained the misconceptions about cry it out and while it did easy my fears somewhat, I was still very anxious.

After taking down all our information, Joan laid out a clear plan of what to do and when. The plan was very specific to Jake and his needs. She explained what to expect when began training and provided lots of tips and encouragement. I was very anxious the nights leading up to our start date but Joan answered every question I had and calmed many of my fears. When we started, the plan went exactly the way it was supposed to. It was very rough the first few days but as it went on it became easier and easier to follow the plan. We were noticing changes in Jake right away. He seemed happier and more rested each morning and he was settling into the routine. By the middle of the first week, Jake exceeded the goal of sleeping in his crib and began sleeping through the night.

It was amazing how far we came by the end of the first week. Everyone was sleeping at night. Naps were still a struggle but that was mostly due to the difficulty with remaining consistent at daycare. Overall, Jake was sleeping better at home.

Joan was so helpful through the whole process. The frequent communication via e-mail and by phone allowed me to have all my questions answered and provided me with the encouragement to keep going. She gave us the confidence to know we were doing the right thing and gave us the gift of sleep.

Whitefish Bay

In-home Sleep Consultation
Elliot – Age 2 1/2 

Our two and a half year old son had never slept through the night. He had a difficult time going to sleep, would wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep until we took him into our bed. We tried everything to stop the night wakings and have him return to sleep on his own. We were exhausted. We knew he was not getting sufficient sleep due to his night wakings which caused irritability and tantrums during the day. We had consulted books and internet resources for help but nothing worked…until we met Joan.

Joan came to our home to get to know our family personally before she wrote a sleep plan for us. She was compassionate and positive and gave us the confidence we needed to help our toddler (and us) sleep. Joan helped us understand the cause of our son’s sleep issues and then created a very thorough yet straightforward sleep plan that was narrowly tailored to our family’s situation. She formulated a plan that would work for us and one we were comfortable implementing.

Throughout the plan’s implementation, Joan communicated with us every day to provide support and answer questions we had. Thanks to Joan, in just two weeks, our two and a half year old son is not only going to sleep with ease, but is sleeping through the night! We highly recommend Joan’s services and are so thankful to have been able to work with her!


Remote Sleep Consultation
Gideon – Age 3

When my son turned three he suddenly became a sensitive, emotional, belligerent mess. Being my oldest I didn’t know any better and having heard stories from other parents, I figured all three years olds were out-of-control maniacs. I hoped it was a phase that would pass as he got older and focused on getting through each day one at a time.

When I first talked with Joan I knew my son was struggling with staying in bed when we first put him down at night, but I had no idea that many of the things I was doing to try and help the situation were contributing to the problem, nor did I realize that his sleep patterns were contributing to his other issues as well.

Joan was great about educating me in a respectful way and teaching me the skills and strategies I could use to change my child’s behavior and take back control. Within a week my tantrum prone monster child had become once again the sweet, thoughtful, helpful, and cheerful boy he’d been before and bedtimes were no longer a three-hour frustration! I learned about how much control I’d lost, why my son was doing the things he was doing, the amount of sleep he really needs and when the best bedtimes and wake times are, how to modify naps to be more beneficial, and what to do when we start to backslide into old habits. She even introduced me to the concept of a toddler clock, which both of my boys now embrace with enthusiasm, making our mornings a much more pleasant experience than the wake up calls I was getting from them before. I especially appreciated how Joan followed up with us daily and patiently answered my many questions, even reassuring me when I asked many “what if’s” throughout the process.

I’ve already gained a confidence I didn’t know I’d have so now I feel able to avoid and manage any similar behavior from my nearly-two year old – and I talk with anyone who will listen about the transformation my son and our family have experienced because of Joan’s instruction. I highly recommend her services for anyone with questions about their child’s sleep habits or who struggles with sleep issues for a child of any age!

– Sarah,

In-home Sleep Consultation
Emmy – Age 7 months

We really enjoyed our time working with Joan. We sought out sleep consultation when our baby was 7 months old in hopes of developing a more consistent sleep schedule for her (and us!). Joan has a wealth of knowledge and a calming demeanor that put us at ease during the whole process. We had read a few books and knew of different sleep training techniques, but Joan helped us tailor a plan that fit our parenting style. In the two weeks that we worked with Joan, she checked in with us daily and was very supportive throughout. With her help, we were able to develop a sleep routine (naps and bedtime) and a more ideal sleep environment for our baby. After two weeks, our baby learned to sleep through the night, and we learned many important things about infant sleep and being adaptable which has allowed us to maintain good sleep habits when she is teething or sick.

Mark & Ellen,

Newborn Sleep Seminars

Our goal at Babies “R” Us is to provide new and expectant parents and grandparents with professional seminars to help prepare them for the arrival of their new bundle of joy! Joan is an amazing part of our monthly seminar series, as she shares insight into establishing healthy sleep habits and providing a safe sleep environment for baby. Her kind and caring demeanor, along with her knowledge and experience makes for an excellent presenter. We consistently receive positive feedback from our guests who attend Joan’s seminar. Joan is professional, flexible and dependable and we really appreciate that she donates her time and talent with our guests at Babies “R” Us!

Babies “R” Us, Brookfield