What is the age range of children that you work with?
Babies, toddlers and preschoolers (up to age 6).

What are some sleep challenges that you can help us with?
While every child’s sleep challenges are unique, these are several common issues and transitional stages that we frequently encounter:

  • Frequent night wakings
  • Early risings
  • Not sleeping through the night
  • Nap schedules and nap transitions
  • Crib to bed transitions
  • Bedtime battles
  • Transitioning from co-sleeping to independent sleeping
  • Transitioning from motion sleeping to stationary sleeping
  • Creating a safe sleeping environment that is optimal for consolidated sleep

I’ve spent hours and hours on the internet and have read many books on sleep. Why hire a sleep consultant?
By the time you’ve reached our website, you’re undoubtedly exhausted from trying to handle your child’s sleep issues by yourself. By partnering with us, you’ll know that your child’s unique challenges will be evaluated. You’ll know that you won’t be getting a one-size-fits-all approach to resolving your child’s sleep issues. You’ll not only receive a sleep plan that is customized for your child, you’ll have ongoing support while you implement your child’s sleep plan. This ongoing support is critical to your success. Occasionally a sleep plan needs to be modified as we move through the implementation phase. We stay on top of your progress, make any necessary adjustments and support you as you implement those changes. Lastly, by partnering with a Family Sleep Institute Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, you’ll indirectly have access to an entire network of Family Sleep Institute consultants.

Why hire a Family Sleep Institute Consultant?
The Family Sleep Institute is an organization that has been training sleep consultants since the early days of this relatively new profession. One must complete many hours of study and work with a variety of sleep challenged families and obtain sleep-related continuing education to obtain and maintain certification. The Family Sleep Institute is one of only a few organizations that certify child sleep consultants. While some certification programs only prescribe and train consultants in one method of addressing a child’s sleep issues, the Family Sleep Institute provides education on all of the various methods that can resolve these issues. The Family Sleep Institute believes that each family is unique and that a solution that is right for one family is not necessarily right for all families.

What is the child sleep consultation process?

  1. After contacting Pea Pod Sleep Consultants, we’ll send you a sleep intake form. This will help us understand your child’s sleep challenges and will serve as a discussion guide during your consultation.
  2. After we receive your child’s intake form, we’ll send you an invoice and sleep consulting agreement for the package that you’ve selected.
  3. As soon as we receive your signed sleep consulting agreement and payment, we’ll contact you to schedule your consultation.
  4. We’ll meet in person or by phone for your consultation. During the consultation, we’ll address your child’s sleep challenges, make certain that we understand your goals, discuss your parenting beliefs and values in relation to customizing a plan, and confirm the start date for implementation of your child’s sleep plan. We’ll also provide you with lots of information about kids and their sleep needs throughout our meeting.
  5. After our meeting, we’ll create a customized sleep plan for your child. We’ll send it to you by email 1 to 2 days prior to your sleep plan implementation date, with time to have you thoroughly review and ask questions. Once your plan is implemented, we’ll be your coach, cheerleader and advisor via email and phone calls as you move through the plan. This ongoing support is absolutely essential to your success. If a need arises to tweak the plan during implementation, we’ll advise you on any necessary adjustments. When you consistently follow through with your child’s sleep plan, we are confident that you will be successful.

I can’t decide between a face-to-face consultation or a phone consultation.
Some parents prefer the convenience of a phone consultation while others feel it’s essential to meet face to face. The in-home consultation is usually about 90 minutes, whereas the phone consultation is usually about 60 minutes. With the in-home consultation, we can fully evaluate your child’s sleeping environment to make sure it’s conducive for healthy sleep.

I am interested in a face-to-face consultation but would prefer to meet at my office or some other location. Can that be arranged?

If I wanted to talk to a family who has used this service in the past, could that be arranged?  

Yes! We have a great relationship with our clients, and would be happy to arrange a conversation with families who have used our services in the past.

Will I have to make my child “cry it out”?
There are different approaches to resolving a child’s sleep issue. We’ll present you with a few different options and discuss the pros and cons of each option. Together, we’ll come up with a solution that fits your parenting style and one that you are comfortable with.

The information provided by Pea Pod Sleep Consultants, LLC is intended solely for the purpose of parental education. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician if you have any medical concerns. Never disregard or delay seeking medical advice from your physician because of information provided by Pea Pod Sleep Consultants, LLC.